Blade Check: Jeff Dalnas

When Jeff Dalnas put his name on the map a few years ago people mostly associated him with insanely huge droprail stunts. It just seemed that he wasn’t scared of anything. Since then Jeff dropped numerous online edits and proved that he’s got more under his belt than just death-drop rails. His blading now is smooth and diverse and you can see that he is enjoying it to the maximum. Time to take a look on the ride of the USD AM with his very own Eulogy Pro Wheel.

Boot: USD carbon frees (white)
Wheels: Eulogy Dalnas 57mm
Frames: Create Originals
Liner: n/a
Bearings: Bones swiss
Why did I choose this setup: I always skate black skates, figured it was time to switch it up to something new.
Anything I plan to change on it soon: Switching the red souls to either black or gray.