Our good friend Vladimir Kocherga sent us this incredible profile of Anatolii Mikhailov, which they had released on his birthday last week. Sadly, we weren’t able to get his video released on his born-day but we still felt like the video was way too good to miss so…better late than never, eh?

The profile was filmed in the beautiful city of Barcelona Spain and also featured skaters such as Oliver Leonard, Craig Hamilton, Sacha Lopez and Salim Sikha. The profile was shot and cut by Vladimir Kocherga with colour correction courtesy of Chris Aitkenhead.

Vlad gave us this breakdown of the filming process behind Anatolii’s profile and some of the difficulties that the pair endured during this unique time in our history.

Filmed in summer-fall 2020, this is Anatolii’s first street part. I’ve known this lad for a little over a year, but it was only a few months ago when we suddenly discovered his talent for street skating. He just came out of the blue and absolutely destroyed it on one of the early El Canuto filming sessions and knowing that due to COVID I’ll probably have to be out of work for a minute, we chose to put some work in and make this piece.

Hours spent trying to get a trick without landing it the end, getting lost in the middle of nowhere looking for new spots, being rushed to the hospital to get my shin stitched up and then rushing back to the session in order to get more footage, running from cops and making friends with absolute strangers, having beers nearby our skate spot are just some of adventures we went through while making this happen. We had tons of very different experiences filming this and couldn’t have asked for a better dude to join me for all of it!

Feeling blessed to have had such a unique opportunity to escape everything that’s been going on this year and to have some time to spend out there in the street with good friends of mine doing what we love!


So happy belated birthday Anatolii! Great job on the video and we look forward to more incredible content from the both of you very soon.

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