A Frame At A Time is a new editorial series produced by Jonathan Labez, where we assign a rollerblader a 35mm disposable camera and ask them to document the important aspects of their day to day lives. This installment focuses on Megan Petersen.

Funny to get this little disposable camera to shoot a day in the life style series because I recently shot on a black and white version of this, so I really enjoyed it!  I did cheat and shot over multiple days, we get a ton of rain here in Portland and I was struggling this winter.  I semi-lost the camera half a dozen times so I’m really stoked on most of the images turning out, sorry about that.  I’m so used to shooting photography with a DSLR with a big hefty camera bag, which made this disposable camera fun to use!  This project was really great because it forced me to pull through the winter depression and focus on the things I love and things that make the day so great.  It’s easy to lose yourself or forget how happy the little things make you when you go through winter depression.  Thank you for throwing me into the mix here and letting me share a bit of my casual day-in-the-life style!

A store/shop you go into regularly. 

Over the winter, I was going to a place called Batter for breakfast and met my met dream boat.  We’ve been dating ever since I left my number on the receipt even though I accidentally stood him up on what was suppose to be our first date.  Sorry Randall, so happy you gave me a second chance!

First place you cruised to today?

Every morning, Randall would make a latte for me before I went to work.  I also have a bit of a Starbucks addiction.  There’s always a Starbucks around and the cold brew isn’t bad – you can’t burn a cold brew.

Where did you end your day?

 During the winter, Portland doesn’t see the sun for weeks, so most of my days ended with either a pizza or burritos and Mario Party at home.  We frequent bars with video lottery machines too. Life’s a gamble.

Photograph who you’re with today. 

On one magical sunny winter day, I met up with Portland’s Greg Tuthill.  Greg’s a ripper and great artist.  We headed to the Tigard skate park, which has a whacky Dino head obstacle.  This was one of the few times skating between Blading Cup, Winterclash, and now.  

A view of the city. 

One of my favorite things to do in Portland is skate around the waterfront with Canon [my dog] on big wheels.  She loves to race all the bicycles on the path and there are 11 bridges in Portland to wander over.


It’s a small city that’s kind of exploding — tons of great food, an hour to Mt. Hood, surrounded by waterfalls and hiking trails, 2 hours to the ocean.  The catch is it rains 3/4’s of the year.

Something you cherish. 

Canon the dog.  I adopted her in Los Angeles, 2015.  I moved to California in 2008 from the Pacific Northwest.  The year canon came into my life I felt a need for fresh air, so we went on the northwest shred tour in Oregon. From there, we moved to Portland.  She’s a rambunctious, sweet, whacky, and awesome dog. Canon’s full of personality and a total cuddle monster!

What made you happy today? 

Randall, Canon, coffee, and sunshine.  Randall is above and beyond.  We make coffee every morning together. He’s always cooking something incredible when I get home.  He’s down to skate and I’m pretty sure Canon has come to like him the most! haha.  So grateful for this chump. 

Your morning ritual.

Hit the snooze button once or 10 times, make some coffee, hot shower and a dog walk.  This winter went from working at Nike, being unemployed, traveled Europe for 2 weeks, unemployed and now work 3 days a week in an office an hour away with 2 days at home so the ritual is ever changing right now.  I used to yoga it up, need to do that again.

Something you can’t leave the house without.

Wearing all black. A beanie. Don’t know why, but it feels weird to wear colors. Sort of like putting tape on a cat’s paw.  Once in a blue moon, I’ll wear a gray or white shirt.  It’s like how Steve Jobs wore his uniform everyday.  No wasted time or effort on appearance, but feeling good and productive.  Plus, I spill coffee on myself once or twice a day.

What makes you laugh?

The world.  Randall makes me laugh and the happiest.  Canon cracks me up. The world of weirdness always makes me laugh.  Over the winter, I started getting overwhelmed and anxious from social media, so I pulled away from that a lot.  I started noticing people running in hilarious ways and dogs’ heads sticking out car windows.  Little things like that.

What do you do to unwind? 

Yoga, pizza, burritos, Mario party or Rocket League, skating, cooking, video lottery or pinball.  Most long days call for a pizza or burrito and video games or pin ball.  Fresh air with the dog, a skate park if it’s not raining or video lottery and a drink.  Really can’t wait to skate more and get the energy and motivation to work on the Bladies (everyone’s support is such a huge help!)

Something you support.

Passion.  Everyone skating, everyone who makes or creates something.  JC Rowe with his art, Lonnie [Gallegos’] videos, all of Adam Johnson’s work, the Kelso brother’s films and Bacemint project, Geoff Phillip and his Quit Your Life experience skating and making videos, Mery Munez teaching and skating, Brian Shima and the band Skookum Brothers, Jump Street Podcast, and Jon Julio and Them Skates.  There’s a lot to list here (Portland people you know who you are!) These are big influences and people I support.  

What’s in your bag? 

I used to carry around a pretty well sized camera bag with a few Vivitar 285 flashes, 70-200mm f4 lens, 55mm Zeiss lens, 100mm old manual lens, a fisheye lens, and most recently a Sony A7ii.  I like the mirrorless cameras a bunch.  Lately, I’ve had no baggage – just a few pairs of skates, my boyfriends board and a lint roller in the back.  



A view from the ground up. 

Wake up, yoga, coffee, shower, fresh air, work, unwind or skate, sleep — do it all over.  Getting the balance is an on-going battle.  Finding the energy is an on going battle.  Getting through the winters here is an on going battle.  Skating is the core to making the world your playground and escape the toxic life most people live and exude.  Doing your passion and being kind, supportive, lending a hand, asking for help or to collaborate — that’s what makes life awesome.

Megan Petersen lives and works in Portland, Oregon and is responsible for Bladies, a tribute to the female subculture in rollerblading. Follow her on Instagram here.