Quick Interview with Jeffrey L. Dalnas

What’s your middle name? Is it more manly then Jeffrey?

My middle name is Louis and I’d say that’s a little more manly then Jeffrey. But I don’t know you can be the judge of that one.

The winter here in New England has been turrable this year. How have you been keeping yourself sane?

Skateparks, booze, working, Xbox 360.

Have you steamballed anything yet?

Actually haven’t got the chance to yet, but don’t you worry it’ll happen soon enough!

Every time you come back from Cali you’re like “Yo, I’m movin’ there”, yet your still here. Why?

Haha… As nice as it would be to live in Cali I just can’t afford it (or want to afford it). I pretty much have free living here in Rhode Island, so it’s hard to give that up just for perfect weather, skate spots, In and Out Burger, babes and the million other reasons people live out there… Yeah, WTF am I doing here still?!

How many bitches live at your house?

Two, to be exact. Unless you want to get technical it could be 3 or 4…

What’s up with your car situation? You have a nice car but whenever we go skating you take out that shitbox?!

Yeah, that one is for the bitches and hoes, you get to ride in the shitbox.

What’s it like skating the “Air Jordans” of all skates (best looking/most expensive)?

I think you already know the answer to this question, since you skate them too. Friggin’ awesome! Totally worth the money.

You’re going to be 25 soon. Do you cry yourself to sleep at night wondering where your youth went?

Yes, that is correct, 25 on April 6th. I don’t cry myself to sleep, but yeah… I’m starting to feel a little older these days. I’m still young and I always have you and Eric (John is 35, Eric is 32 and still shreds) to make me feel young.

Do you see yourself skating in 10 years?

I don’t see why not, maybe not on the same level I’m on now, but definitely still doing it.

What’s an element of your skating you’d like to work on?

I can always work on my park skills and switch spins/grinds.

Do you feel like you’re viewed as an elite skater or do you still need more facebook friends?

I’m pretty sure there’s a handful of people out there that see me as “an elite skater” and I’m sure there’s a handful of people who think I’m not, but I could give fudge about that. 

Is there a drop rail on this planet you won’t try? 

I’m sure there is, but there probably isn’t one out there that someone else has done that I wouldn’t try.