Nils Jansons interview: Checking in with the Winterclash champ

Interview by Oliver Nermerich
Photography by Olfert Poelen

Yo Nils, you just won the pro division at the world’s biggest rolling competition. Congrats! How do you feel right now?

Feeling good! Haha, of course I feel good. I had a great session with everyone else and did good at the comp! Is there anything out there that’s better? Now I’m feeling like eating dinner. It was a good day and life goes on. I’m happy just like before Winterclash. Good times.

So what’s next for you? BCSD? Tour? Vacation?

I won’t be at BCSD. Hopefully I can get over there for the first time next year, but we’ll see. Now I’m going back to school. In March I’ll be going to some competitions: the Ponycup in Denmark and another comp in Russia. After that I’ll be skating and filming for the BHC DVD. I continue to go to school and just do what I’ve been doing. Travelling wherever I get the chance to go, filming hammers and teaching kids here in Riga how to blade. Summer is going to be filled with cool events here in Europe.

So we’ll see you at Summerclash 2013 as well?

I should definitely be there.

It seems like you are constantly on tour and traveling to blade. What are you doing back home when you are not on skates?

I attend classes at the university (Graphic design is my subject) three days a week and spend the rest of my time blading and hanging out with my girl and homies. It’s a good life.

What else do you see as a big achievement in your life, apart from winning Winterclash 2013?

I guess I don’t need to put some comp results here? My biggest achievements are everything I’ve seen and explored because of blading. But blading-wise I guess it’s last year’s Winterclash trophy.

We’ve been following your rolling career for quite a long time. You always seem to give it your best when it comes to blading. No matter if you’re filming for an edit or skating in a small contest – you are always highly motivated. Where does that fire come from?

It comes straight from my heart. I’m just passionate about blading. Wanting to get better and better and better, and with getting better I really don’t mean more spins before grinds. I always want to show my best no matter if it’s at a comp or filming for an edit. If I want to film a new edit, then I don’t want to put in tricks that everybody would expect or has seen before. I just want to make it fresh.

Your 540 alley-oop top soul was one of the illest tricks ever laced at the Winterclash. Did you plan to do this trick or was it more like a spur of the moment thing?

Yeah, kind off. AO Top Soul has always been one of my favorite tricks and after last year’s 540 AO porn I kind off had the vision of a Top Soul, but I didn’t say it out loud because I wasn’t 100 percent sure that I was going to try it and/or even lace it. But I knew Winterclash was the place and had the right rail to do it. When it was time for my last trick in the finals I just checked the rail again, checked the crowd and shit was on!

Quick Q&A’s

Tell us something most people don’t know about you!

I’m just a random dude.

How would you start a conversation with a girl you like?

Hey biatch! You’re fine. Want to dance?

Everyone has their weaknesses. What are yours?


What are you spending the most of your money on currently?

I recently bought a bike, so I can’t wait for the summer to cruise around. But usually it’s food, anything for my girl and gas for my car while I’m here in Latvia.

What word or phrase do you use on a daily basis?

Fuck yeah.

What do you consider your most valuable possession?


Is there something you never want to talk about?

My private life. Haha. I’m kidding. Ask me anything!

Ok, we’ll do that next time! Thanks for the interview.