CJ Wellsmore Video Interview: About Winterclash, Seba Skates, His Role Models and Future Endeavours

Interview, Video and Introduction by Remy Cadier

Needless to say a lot of bladers on all continents were eager to get a chance to see this Australian powerhouse in action. Best place to pop your European contest cherry would be ‘Winterclash’ ofcourse. Not so much a Dutch, or German contest, but more of a World Final of who’s who and what’s what of contest blading, with more different nationalities competing than there are countries in Europe. Seeing a steep decline in the participation of American Pro Bladers, and their(or their sponsors) commitment to the biggest and baddest of Blading contests could have made for a less than interesting edition of winterclash, but nothing was less true. 

Europe, Asia and Australia had sent out their finest bladers, who made all onlookers not even notice the absence of said US pro’s. Standing on the forefront of a new wave of skaters dominating our video’s and contests is CJ, who skates with an ease unparralelled by anyone else, and proof of that was given last Winterclash.

We had the opportunity to interview CJ right before the finals of the 2013 Winterclash, and he explains how he got in touch with Seba, and reveals some of his future endeavours.

Brace yourselves, CJ is coming.

-Remy Cadier