CJ Wellsmore On Teaching Skateboarding, Euro Trips And Vine Street 2

Introduction by Kevin Chow
Interview by Joram Nijs
Edit by CJ Wellsmore

Hey CJ, thanks for making everyone jealous about the great weather during ‘winters’ in Australia. What have you been up to recently skating- and work-wise?

Not a problem! Anything for Be-Mag, haha.

Sydney has been alright, not as good as it once was now due to Mr. West, Richie and the frenchies leaving us. However I’ve just been told that come December Dom West will be back in AUS with a fresh visa. This means that there will be a good chance that a Vine St 2 could be on the horizon. Then again… Sydney has just added another valuable resident who goes by the name of Dave Jacob! Dave is a great friend of mine who not only taught me how to rollerblade but is also the one who got me back on the blades after my 3 year break. I’ve decided to return the favour by getting him back on the blades! With his 10 years of videography experience and his $30,000 camera equipment. It looks as though Sydney will be starting to pump out some good quality videos! Instead of me and my GoPro haha.

With work; I’ve just hit the 4 year mark with SKATER HQ. I really enjoying working with the company. It’s quite rewarding traveling around to high schools to teach kids to skate! As with any job it has its ups and downs. One of the down sides would have to be taking 30 students to Waterloo skate park ‘my local’ each Tuesday to teach them how to skateboard for an hour. Although there’s an upside to this too… The look on the local skateboarders faces who all know me for rollerblading! Priceless.

What are your plans for the rest of the year?

Unfortunately I injured myself just recently and haven’t been able to even put my skates on. It’s been a recurring injury with my knee that can be healed by simply not skating for a while! However that is a big challenge for me. But if I finally put my mind to it and fight the urge to skate for a couple of months I’ll be fresh and ready for Barcelona in late September.

Barcelona is awesome. What are you looking forward to the most?

Basically there has been some thought over the months to be able to have a reunion with all the Vine St residents! I’ll also finally be able to skate the mecca of cities for rollerblading. Word has it we’re starting out in Paris and cruising down through France into Spain ending up in Barca. I can’t tell what I’m looking forward to the most because the trip itself is going to be something that I’ve been looking forward to ever since KFC members only. The one spot that I can’t wait to hit would have to be those wave banks at the docks! They definitely look like a session.

Any chance of a trip to Europe to experience an actual winter with freezing temperatures, maybe even a Winterclash?

I have been wanting to go to Winterclash for 5 years now. I am pretty sure in 2013 I’ll finally be able to get amongst it.

We’re looking forward to seeing you there!