Be-Mag interviews Andy Kruse at Winterclash

Interview by Pawel Wieleba through Kevin Chow
Introduction by Tom Hyser
Photography by Jon Julio 

Andy Kruse has never cared what you think about him or how he skates. Andy has this approach to life in general. When he decides it’s time to handle, things usually get handled properly. If you skate with Andy you can expect something creative and unusual to go down. Some sessions the dude can’t manage a soul grind and the next thing you know, he’s doing a fish brain stall on the vert wall no one has ever stalled. Kruse has a style that demands respect. The dude just makes blading look cool and tough. Thinking outside of the box is why Andy has invented some of the coolest tricks such as true spins, sweatstance and the kindgrind. Respect!