Adrià Saa „Mineroh“ Interview

Introduction & interview by Tony Cheetah
Photography by Bea Conde Corbal, Kiku Comino & Michael Garlinghouse

Introduce yourself, full name, age, hometown, sponsors.

Hi, what’s up! My name is Adrià, well known as Mineroh for ages now. I’m 24 and live in Barcelona ever since I can remember. I skate for Nimh, Inercia skateshop and Jug Footwear.

Why do you skate NIMH and why did you leave your other sponsor?

To support skater owned. The new skate concept that was represented by Xsjado was interesting to me and I wanted to support it from the beginning. But it made me think about my roots and where I wanted Rollerblading to be taken to when Xsjado became part of The Conference. I decided not to be another skater helping a big corporation to increase their benefits. After seeing that two of my favorite rollerbladers of all time, Shima and Elliot, created their own brand and were helping close people and friends such as Marc Moreno, Oli Short and Leon Humphries, I knew right away what I was meant to do. The rest came by itself. I wish all brands will be skater owned in the future.


Tell us a little bit about a day in the life of Mineroh.

There’s not much to tell. I live with my girl and do stuff with her. In the afternoon we go downtown to meet up with our close friends Marc, Toni, Joao and others for a drink. And as the weekend arrives we plan which spots to hit for skating. On the weekends I try to not slow down and put on my skates to go from one side of the city to the other, skating the most dark and unknown places of the city.

What do you think about Barcelona’s blading scene?

Barcelona needs more personality. There are a lot of good bladers, but this doesn’t mean anything to me. There’s been a big problem with the new laws and many good people have stopped skating or are skating less than before. And because there are no „save“ places to skate, they just skate in a couple of famous spots all the time.I’m very lucky to skate with the people I skate with. Before anything, they are my friends so that makes things better. I mean, I don’t just skate with them. It’s sick how we all have different views on things but supplement with each others so well. And furthermore we all skate the same brand of skates so we feel, and certainly are, like a family.

Soul to backslide

Tell us what’s the secret of you memorizing all the skate spots in your city.

Way too many years in the streets man… Way tooo many…

Any influences in your blading right know?

Sean Sea

Stale 180°

Backside backlide

What does it mean to you to represent NIMH and Brian Shima?

It means a lot to me to be part of the NIMH family. For a rollerblader, it’s a dream come true to launch a boot company as Shima did so he deserves all respect and help from us.

Where we can see you this year?

Next stop: Winterclash! NIMH Spain tour in 2011 during the summer! Wish I can make it to the status anytime soon!

Alley Oop Topporn

Check out this edit Mineroh produced with his NIMH teammates in Barcelona recently: