Yuckem and Woodster Florida Tour part 4 of 6: V-town Skateshop Fort Myers

The work that  Grant and another local legend nicknamed “long hair” (as well as a few  others) put over the years to save the park had finally paid off and  kept the place alive. Needless to say, knowing that the crew from Naples was going to show up anyway I erased Naples and put Fort Myers on the map instead, support the supporters especially when they’re  bladers! This is where we were heading today.

Right out of the hotel, and since we arrived late yesterday in Sarasota, we decided to pay V-town skateshop a quick visit before heading south to Fort Myers. Glad we did, we didn’t see Aren (the owner) since the last RFCC tour (remember those with all the companies together?). Chilled there for a bit and back on the road.

Hour or two later we finally arrive and right away Franky and Nick start putting their skates on, Grant fires the barbeque. The turnout was pretty good with slaters of all ages, and we even recognized some  faces from the day before (you know who you are, Franky says hi..). Nick claims that today was the best skating day so far because of how  the session went down: Pros and locals together proceeded to skate the  place obstacle by obstacle, from the main center box to a disaster on  the mini and finally a bank to wall. It was all good fun and great  mood, no pressure, and everyone enjoyed it very much. The locals were  pushing themselves and some people who didn’t blade in years were on  the course doing it! Grant and Paul’s new mission with the Fort Myers skatepark is to keep expending and bring together the communities, and eventually increase the size of the park to build a whole new exciting  place.. you know we will be back soon people!!

Yuckem and Woodster Florida Tour – Fourth stop from Be-Mag on Vimeo.

Today’s edit featured Franky Morales, Nick Wood, and Roman Daricek, as  well as Geoff Acers and Grant Hinkle each getting a clip. As for  myself I bladed a bit on the mini after being done with filming, all  in all another great day on tour!

Crossing Florida tomorrow through the famous Everglades Parkway, also  known as Alligator Alley, to visit ‘Skates USA’ in Lake Worth. Stay tuned and let’s see if Woodster’s got the balls to fight a gator!!