Why We’re Doing rollTogether!

Story by Maik Lojewski, Oliver Nermerich and Ben Murphy
Images by Lars Echterhoff
Edit by Chris Piotrowicz

When you read interviews it often comes down to that one question, “What do you think about competitions?” The general answer is, besides the positive aspects of a competition, something negative about pressure and the search for ‘the one’ with just the right vibe.

We noticed that rollerblading is a big deal in our area, but it seemed like everyone was just doing their own thing. Lots of smaller groups of local rollers shredding for themselves. So we thought we would create the setting for a gathering of rollerbladers who usually don’t skate together in a chill atmosphere. The only intention was to create something new in order to build up a small community and to make new connections within our local scene.

In the end everything turned out bigger than we would have imagined. rollTogether became something everyone began to look forward to, organizing 4 hour trips to visit the session and to hang out with their new and old homies. Skaters constantly bringing new people, to show them what rollerblading is about and how much fun it is. And they always leave with a smile on their faces and the promise to come back as soon as possible. 

We soon realized that we had to expand the whole concept because people from almost everywhere kept asking us if we would come to visit their town and their favourite skatepark. Also, the interest from sponsors got bigger and bigger, so we had to find bigger venues where rollTogether sessions take place, and also our programm within each session, so that everyone can attend and gain their own experience about rollTogether and about rollerblading.

Now, people who normally skate alone or in a small group now get the chance to show their skills in front of a camera or a huge crowd. Kids get props for landing a long practiced trick for the first time and get hyped and juiced to push their own limits.

It’s hard to describe or define something which defines itself as soon as you’re part of it and as soon as you participate. It might sound cheesy, but all we ever wanted was to build up a strong community of people that share the love for rollerblading. And after every session the community-feeling continues to grow. It’s a good feeling! 

The edit shown below, which was filmed and edited by one of our original supporters, Chris Piotrowicz, is meant to give you a little insight into the rollTogether vibe. 

rollTogether #13 – documentary from rollTogether on Vimeo.

But to get the real experience of a rollTogether session, you definetely have to just join us sooner or later! The next chance to session with the rollTogether community is on June 5th in Eskilstuna (Sweden). 

More information on www.rollTogether.de
One Goal, One Community – rollTogether
Thank you for your attention and support!

– rollTogether (Maik Lojewski, Oliver Nermerich, Lars Echterhoff and Kai Schmitz)

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rollTogether 10 from Mathias von Gostomski on Vimeo.


rollTogether 11 from Mathias von Gostomski on Vimeo.

rollTogether #12 – Mühlhausen (Germany) from rollTogether on Vimeo.

rollTogether#13 – Rotterdam (Netherland) from rollTogether on Vimeo.