Zero Bash Before Clash 2016: Edit & Results

The weekend before Winterclash, the incredible ZeroOneSix skatepark in Eskilstuna hosts the Zero Bash Before Clash, and this year again it looked like a great success! Watch invited pro Montre Livingston share the first spot on the podium with local killer Andreas Johansson, and most of all, check out the amazing young talents Sweden has to offer: bladers over there are doing it right, and we sure hope to be able to join them next year!

Inlines-competition with a chance to win either junior or senior wildcard to Winterclash in Eindhoven / 19-20 Februari 2016. Also featuring invited PRO skaters Montre Livingston USA & Josh Glowicki USA.

1st place: Oliwer Envall
2nd place: Billy Fredriksson
3rd place: Filip Scott
4th place: Gustav Dahlström
5th place: Emil Vierimaa

1st place: Montre Livingston
1st place: Andreas Johansson
3rd place: Linus Hansén
4th place: Patrik Johansson
5th place: Johannes Karlsson

Check out the full results in the video description.
Visit the ZeroOneSix skatepark website here:
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