Winterclash 2015 Trailer#1

The Winterclash crew just released their first trailer for the 2015 event. Fitting their overall strategy for the 11th Winterclash, the focus is on that special moment that makes Winterclash special for so many of us. We can’t wait to see more trailers and of course we are counting days until the actual event.

Get your tickets today and order them from your favorite skateshop or directly through the Winterclash website:

That moment when your favorite pro stands next to you, as you cheer and scream for other riders, both equally excited about blading.
That moment of almost pure silence just before another banger trick is landed.
That moment when an absolute newcomer steps out of the shadow and laces an unforgettable trick.
That moment when one of the finalists lands that ender trick with his very last try.
That moment when a whole building, packed with bladers from all around the world, literally explodes, when the competition stops and the party takes over.. That moment when nothing else matters but the shared love for blading and good times in that skatepark in the Netherlands.

All these special moments make the Winterclash what it is, and we can’t wait to welcome you to Winterclash 2015.

We can’t wait for THAT MOMENT!

Peter Bender
Maciej Tomków
Benjamin Büttner

Cut & Color:
Benjamin Büttner