Vibralux: Montre Livingston VOD B-Role

Adam Johnson and the guys over at Vibralux keep on offering a great insight into the making of their outstanding VOD series, and this Montre Livingston b-role piece is no exception. If you have been spoiled with quality content and can appreciate a great profile no more, take a look behind the scenes and see how much hard work, nasty bails and pain it takes to deliver yet another masterpiece: watch Montre put in work, and pay the man already!

So first and foremost, get the section here:

Vibralux Denim is proud to present the seventh installment of our stand-alone VOD series. We were able to film with Montre Livingston in Charlotte, KCMO, Lawrence, Dallas, Albuquerque, and Los Angeles. Montre joined the Vibralux family last summer at the Motor Town Classic and we were excited to get to work on his new profile, The Vibralux Trail of Beers. Check out the profile and travel with Tre as he wrecks spots across the country.

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