In just a few days, the lovely city of Amsterdam will welcome another edition of the Urban Sports Week event, also known as USWA. And this year, things are getting even spicier for inline skaters, with several new competition formats that will keep things interesting all throughout!

The park will host both a classic contest and several best trick competitions held on one obstacle at a time, with acual cash for each winner. The icing on the cake is called the Amsterdam Knockout, and will showcase some of the most technical riders on the planet battling head-to-head on a really special grindbox for a cash prize of 2000€. 3 minutes jam to advance to next round, with such a list of confirmed riders? You better be sure there’s gonna be some insane tricks going done!

Check out the riderlist here, and the plans and relevant links below:

Montre Livingston (US)
Nick Lomax (UK)
Nils Jansons (LV)
Yuto Goto (JPN)
CJ Wellsmore (AUS)
Jo Zenk (GER)
Jelle Briggeman (NL)
Steve Swain (UK)
Joe Atkinson (UK)
Jaro Frijn (NL)
Diako Diaby (FR)
Sem Croft (NL)
Davie Nijenbrink (NL)
Dan Collins (UK)
Mats-Kaarel Ruus (EE)

All the info and details over here:
USWA Inline Skate Park & Best Trick:
USWA Amsterdam Knockout:

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