USD & Xsjado Winter Tour 2015: Update #2

With the notable addition of Xsjado‘s Chris Farmer, the USD team has been exploring the streets of Istanbul for the past week, enjoying the hectic life of the city and the warm welcoming of the locals. Karsten Boysen has been capturing it all on video, and we can’t wait to see what Richie Eisler, Montre Livingston, Eugen Enin and Nick Lomax come up with! Here’s a quick recap of the past few days:

The last couple of days have been intense. Street skating all day, meeting the locals and going out every night.
It’s a first timer for all of us going to Istanbul and after one week we are still overwhelmed by how big and busy this city is.
The locals have been very generous, the food is great and so are the bars. Street skating in a 14 million people city can be stressful sometimes because of how crowded it is, but it has been really fun and we got a good amount of clips from everyone.” – Karsten Boysen

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