USD Skates have been adding some serious heavy hitters recently and they have just announced the introduction of the young French prodigy Leo Fumery to their ranks. In his newest introduction video for USD, you can see that Leo’s park and transition skills are incredibly advanced for an individual that is so young, further proving that the new generation of bladers are coming into their own at a much faster pace than in previous years. Or it could be that Leo is just a natural badass and makes this all look way too easy in the process! ( We like to think it is a combination of the two!)

Either way, Leo is shaping up to be a skater that you want to keep an eye on as his skills will only get better in time and that is a scary thought considering how incredible he already is. Peep Leo’s intro video of him finessing the legendary Gap Skatepark and show the young man some love by following him on his IG here.

Filmed & Edited: Roman Abrate