One of the most serious cracks in our small, divided and segmented industry is the crack between street and vert rollerblading. Vert is probably one of the physically and technically most demanding facets of rollerblading, yet it stopped receiving proper media coverage more than a decade ago. Maybe it is the athleticism that’s the problem, or it’s the relative lack of vert ramps, or it’s something else, but it’s unfair and detrimental to rollerblading. There was a time when being a well rounded blader was highly regarded, remember Tim Ward, or Shawn Robertson, or even earlier Tom Fry, to name a few. Nowadays, vert skaters almost never compete in park events, and street skater can’t even touch vert skaters on vert. This rant brings me to the fact that the American Halfpipe championship organized by Nel Martin and the crew is being held today and tomorrow in Las Vegas, and we almost missed it. So, here’s the info on the flyer. If you’re in town, go check it out and we’ll do our best to keep you posted.


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