UFO – free full lenghth euro blading video

Young Loïck Even sent us this lovely full lenghth blading vid, featuring his friends and some more known European dudes, such as Timmy v. Rixtel and Guillaume Le Gentil, for you guys to check out.

The video was filmed over roughly a year, between July 2015 & August 2016 in France, Holland, Spain & The United Arab Emirates.

The video featured full profiles of: Gaetan Laville, Loïck Even, Oscar Brie, Geoffrey Vincent, Maxime Buaud, Damien Gerard, Jeejroen Wullems, Timmy V.Rixtel and Mathieu Quilici.

The video also features:

Ahmed Sami, Nelson Ferrari, Alexis Bernardo, Ronan Algalarrondo, Pascal Naudin, P.Reddam Suhas Reddy, Martin Barrau, Moayad Essam, Daniel Laufs, Guillaume Le Gentil, Lucas Spenle & Romeo Stocchi.

Keep shredding, Loïck.