Them Skates has done it yet again! The skate company created by legendary blading pioneer Jon Julio has been making waves lately with some very noteworthy collaborations and their newest offering comes in an unlikely collaboration with WKND Skateboards

And who would have thought that the rollerblading and skateboarding worlds would collide and the overall sentiment from the skateboarding community would be; for the most part; positive and supportive? But it is 2022 and thankfully a lot of the tension between our very similar communities has been lifted and we can see collaborations like these two unique brands come together.

The collaborations feature an eye-catching bright orange Them 909 boot fully setup skate with a colorful dog design adorned with both skates and a skateboard in hand, which is very reminiscent of an old school JNCO logo from years past. And that is not all! They have also released three separate THEM X WKND decks and a slew of soft goods to go along with the skate and skateboard releases.

And to kick off the release of the historic collaboration, WKND Skateboards dropped a hilarious new skit featuring a whos-who of legendary skateboarders alongside some of the pro Them Skates team as well as a fresh new video showing their respective team members skating alongside each other. The end result is freaking gold and is definitely one that you don’t want to miss! So peep the awesome collabo videos from THEM X WKND and be sure and pick up their newest collaboration skates or skateboards which are available on the Them Skates store and in select shops now!