the #VLCSUMMER film

Rollerblading brings you closer together with your friends. Truth be told, it’s hard to continue skating by yourself, as rollerblading is a social activity as much as a sport or a form of street or performance art (depending on who you side with, Harry Abel or Maus from our messageboard).

The latest flick from the Valencia crew is just about that, people who skate together and stay friends for years thanks to rollerblading. By flick I mean a real, over 35 minute long rollerblading film.

For free.

The vid, named #VLCSUMMER, features skating from some of Spain’s heavy hitters, such as Teles Angel, Joni Prados, Pelayo Gonzalez, Ferran Laparra, Carles Durich and Felipe Batista.

Enjoy #VLCSUMMER, we did.

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