The ComeDown: Brady Johnston 2016 Section

Remz team rider Brady Johnston has been rather discrete lately, and it is a pleasure to finally see some new, quality footage pop up on our screens! This ComeDown 2016 section was filmed by partner in crime Austin Bartels, and features quite a lot of interesting spots and some of Brady’s signature moves, including another banging outspin 360 sweatstance on a down rail: check Brady out, and see more of Austin’s work below too!

This footage was filmed in less than a month by yours truly. It’s clichĂ© to say this is his “come back section”, but I am really stoked to see Brady blading again. Just as hard and consistent as always. Hammers laced with steeze. What more could you ask for?– Foogie

Read our interview with Mr. Bartels:
Watch the ful ComeDown video here:

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