The Cayenne Project: Roskilde Festival

If there is one event outside of blading that gets every blader hyped up, it is most certainly the incredible Roskilde festival up in Denmark! The talented makers of Cayenne, Karsten Boysen & Benjamin Büttner, have just released the Roskilde section which was the starting point of their tour video masterpiece: not only a great watch, but also another reason to get hyped up for this year’s festival, and a chance to download Cayenne for a discounted price too!

Use the code “ROSKILDE” and get a 10% discount on your download:

The idea behind Cayenne is simple: put the best bladers in the world in front of the multi-angle cameras of Boysen & Büttner’s filming duo, hit the road for five weeks in search of fresh new terrain, and see what happens. After hitting Roskilde, Oslo, Hamburg and Berlin on our way, it is safe to say that it turned out to be the trip of a lifetime!

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