Supercoolblading: The Andy Wegener Story

Supercoolblading‘s mastermind Jake Eley caught up with one of the main industry heads, and often talked about, Sunshine distribution‘s very own Andy Wegener! An in-depth look into the origin of the company, the birth of Razors, and controversial topics like ownership on various brands like Jug and Remz, this sure makes for an interesting read and we highly suggest you go learn more about the founder of the very first all aggressive blade company!

Andy’s reputation precedes him. Not afraid to invest and even less afraid to party. It’s fair to say he’s allowed more skaters’ the opportunity to make a living out of pro-blading than anyone. Ironically at times, at the cost of disrespect from a cut-throat participant-base largely obsessed with ‘skater-run’. – Jake Eley

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