State Of The Art: Now Available on VOD

It seems that neither the world nor Jonas Hansson could hold on much longer, and fortunately for both it means that State Of The Art is now available online for everyone to treat their eyeballs with! The 53 minutes long movie will leave you speechless, and with performances by Joe Atkinson, Eugen Enin, David Sizemore, and a lot more of the world’s very finest bladers, you already know it’s worth every penny: get your copy now!

Download the full State Of The Art video here:

SOTA is my latest installment. Throughout 2015 I’ve been fortunate to work with some of the best and brightest within blading. Shooting this film and traveling to different regions has been full time work, but the best job I could wish for. One of the most important aspects for me, when doing a project of this size, is to try and bring something different to the table, something different for the last – so I guess people can expect the unexpected. – Jonas Hansson

Visit the brand new State Of The Art website here:
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