Shred Cologne 2014: Full Results

Quickly becoming Razors‘ most valuable asset, birthday boy Carson Starnes celebrated the event by taking the win in Shred Cologne‘s pro competition on Saturday. It was a great weekend, both on and off the blades, and in the end it sure was all about the good times! As we share the results of the contest with you, we would also like to wish Daniel Gourski a quick recovery after his bad fall during the finals. Get well soon Daniel!

Photo: Alexander Stock

1. Carson Starnes (USA)
2. Nick Lomax (England)
3. Eugen Enin (Germany)
4. Rik van Huik (Netherlands)
5. Daniel Gourski (Germany)
6. Antony Pottier (Belgium)
7. Martin Walchshofer (Austria)
8. Dave Mutschall (Germany)
9. Dominic Bruce (Scotland)
10. Adrian Deck (Switzerland)

1. Bobi Spassov
2. Alex Deutschmann
3. Dominik Hammer

1. Friederike Reisch
2. Jacky Schrooten
3. Assia Zaharieva

1. Nils Rinas
2. Randy Zoller
3. Justin Szewcyk