SHOTGUN BLADING – Episode 4 – JSMS2014 – Featuring Chris Farmer, Ben Schwab, and Travis Rhodes

IN THIS EPISODE: Eric Miller, Brent Scherer, William Harvey, Jeff Dalnas, Gabe Holm, and Sam DeAngelis.
We are a couple East Coast rollerbladers that love to travel, drink beers, have laughs, and make some day edits…

Join us as we tour up and down the East Coast of the USA exposing some of the best skate parks and street spots throughout!

In this episode we head out to Pittsburgh, PA, Rocky River, OH, and New Philadelphia, OH. We visited the First & lexington Headquarters and then ventured South to support the James Short Memorial Session. WHAT WILL THE NEXT STOP BE?

Stay tuned..

If you dig.. Come join us. We’re all about turning up and partying down