Seis de Bastos: Trailer II

It took a lot of sweat and blood to make Seis de Bastos, and this second trailer shows how much hard work Marc Moreno and the whole gang of hermanos actually put in! Watch Leon Humphries, Chris Dafick, Carson Starnes, Kåre Lindberg, Seba Seufferheld, Brian Bina & more go hard in the streets in this little teaser piece, and go get yourself the full video while you’re at it: a discount code is even included in there, so keep your eyes peeled!

Download the full video here:

Shot during 2 years across Spain, Denmark, England, Sweden and Norway.
A 73 minutes flick. Shot by Marc Moreno, Chris Dafick, Adriá Saa and Seba Seufferheld. Camera contributors: Chris Smith & Thomas Sharman. Edited by Marc Moreno.

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