Scumpire: CHVPO_SF by Ian Walker

Scumpire‘s mastermind and experimental videographer Ian Walker spent a week in San Francisco, and came back with a 10 minutes edit which you should watch right away! Showcasing the blading of Danny Malm & Ian himself in the ever surprising streets of SF, and closing in on the long awaited comeback section of the one and only Tommy Boy and evil alter ego Thomas Bistro, this is an eye pleaser for sure!

This is the first step in expanding the SCUMPIRE COVEN, and making SCUMPIRExCHVPO the real tight shit. enjoy this freebie, and support your boyz when we drop our first 2 shirts later this summer, and the release of my next VOD, HVMVUGVS MIXTAPE,premiering at the MHB2015 in DENVER, CO starring all your favorite heavy hitters around the DENVER area.
“it was all a dream” – biggie….this one goes out to my SLOT_BOYZ. Thanks for always believing in the the deals.– Ian Walker

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