Let me privatise Be-Mag for a second here. Rob Guerrero has been one of my three favourite bladers ever since his section in VG17, when Dave Paine edited his blading to Modest Mouse’s Syrofoam Boots track. So, when I went to Winterclash this year, a few of friends of mine and I bumped into him on the balcony in the Area 51 skatepark. My friend Matthew, who has known Rob for something over 15 years now, struck a conversation with him. I, on the other hand, couldn’t even manage to introduce myself to Rob. I was just so star-struck. I just stood there, my mouth open, not saying anything. Rob didn’t even notice me, and my other friend Igor made fun of me being such a fan boy at the gentle age of 35. Then I got to watch Rob skate the box while Leon Humphries filmed. While Winterclash really was insane this year, I’ll remember it for Joe Atkinson‘s flatspin transfer and most of all, Rob G doing the top torque souls on that box.
Rob went back to the US and filmed with Lonnie Gallegos and Mike McMullen, as it seems Lonnie is preparing another video in the Feet series. Looking forward to it.

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