Real Street Series Finals 2015: Edit and Results

The fifth and final stop of the Real Street Series took place just 10 days ago in Berlin, and it sure ended with a bang! With competitors from all over Germany, but also Austria, Holland or Croatia, and the Ground Control team in attendance, the level of skating was incredibly high indeed! Thanks to this edit produced by Patrick Piesik, you can now watch how Dave Mutschall and Michael Müller both earned themselves the title of German champion, respectively in the pro and am category: congratulations everyone, see you all next year!

1st place: Friederike Reisch
2nd place: Assia Zaharieva
3rd place: Sarah Reif

1st place: Michael Müller
2nd place: Michael Witzemann
3rd place: Karmi Schäfer

1st place: Dave Mutschall
2nd place: Alex Burston
3rd place: Alexander Sijakovic

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