Razors Tapes: SL Reds Promo Edit

After a false start a few weeks ago, the guys over at Razors have finally released their 19 minutes promo edit for the brand’s new SL Reds bloody boots! Produced by Jeph Howard, and featuring riders Ray Kronenberg, Taylor Popham, Casey Wilson, Korey Waikiki, Howie Bennett, Deniz Baethke and Jeph himself shredding the streets and DIY parks of North Carolina, this will be the perfect piece to watch along with your morning coffee!

The bois received the reds and took to the streets of North Carolina. With the VX1000 swords in hard and the reds on their feet they hit everything old school session style. Everyone getting a piece on everything! With new skates and high vibes everyone killed it! With more b-roll then you will know what to do with at the end this is a sure piece to add to the favorites.

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