Prove yourself 3 – Mushroom blading, of course.

Weird has many synonyms. Kooky, peculiar, freaky, funky, odball, queer, all of those are once in a while used by outsiders to describe rollerblading.
And in rollerblading, we’ve got the Mushroom blading guys that have been introducing new levels of weird and kooky to rollerblading for over a dozen years now, ever since their Better than baseball days.

This time, they’re back to bless or piss some of us off with their latest online installment – Prove yourself 3.
Met with praise by some, dissmised as fringe by other rollerbladers, once again they managed to create a half an hour of diverse rollerblading, even though most of it is executed in parks in lovely Canada.

You know the crew, it’s Danny Beer, Todd McInerney, Dallas Kurtz, Joey McGarry, Taylor Ritchie, Josh Silver, Colin Brattey, Brian Baxter, and Leon Basin.
Also, pants. Be warned, people wear pants in this video. And Jug, Senate and Mindgame gave money to have Prove yourself 3 produced. No, they didn’t.
Feel free to vent how you feel about it in the comments.

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