The Pannonian Challenge. Imagine a small skatepark located at a former basketball / handball court grow for years until it became one of the biggest and best outdoor parks in Europe, with all it’s competitions broadcast on TV and social media, thousands of people coming to see it live. It’s well organized, with bladers, skateboarders and BMX riders mixed for four days, exchanging tall stories and creating friendships. That’s the Pannonian Challenge in Osijek, Croatia. The people who won Pannonian in the past include Roman Abrate, Joe Atkinson, Stephane Alfano, Diego Guillod and Dominik Wagner, among others. The competition in the past few years was ferocious, with bladers like Sven Boekhorst, Alex Burston, Korey Waikiki battling it at the park that each year brings more and more blader-friendly features. This year, it’s going to be held at the beginning of the summer competition circuit, from May 30th to June 2nd, and blading, thanks to it’s great success last year, is being moved to a better slot, meaning the blading day will be on Friday, June 1st.

For the past few years, pro participation at Pannonian grew, and the crowds loved it. Pannonian and rollerblading are an incredible match, the park, the hospitality of the people that run it and the perseverence of Tin Hadziomerspahic, the man responsible for blading at the event make it an unmissable affair.
Some of the biggest names have confirmed their arrival to Osijek – last year’s winner and locals’ favorite Roman Abrate, Stephane Alfano, Dano Gorman, Jacob Juul Petersen as well as many others who will on June 1st compete for a place at the podium, while MC AJ Stine will be in charge of the great atmosphere.

Register here, and see you in Osijek!

While you’re thinking of what to bring with you, check out the edit of last year’s competition.