On The Injured List: Nick Lomax

If you have watched Nick Lomax‘s latest edit for Loco Skates which dropped yesterday, then you already know the USD pro was pretty close to losing his pinky during his most recent trip to Turkey. Thankfully, he did not, and had enough fingers left on his hands to write a few words on the somewhat traumatic experience he went through, and seems to be dealing with the injury with a positive mind: have a good recovery, and heal up fast mate!

I recently traveled out to Istanbul on more of a personal trip than a skate event. Whilst on my trip I organized with the local shop ‘Buzz24’ a last minute skate meeting with lots of locals in the area. We had a really awesome day of hanging out and sessions on the local skateparks. At the last skate spot there was a flat box i was about to do a last trick on before i sat down to have a beer (it’s always the last try) When my pinky finger got caught in between the coping and the metal support. I Tore everything in my pinky and was a really nasty sight. My three legends Alphan, Sinan & Caner then drove me around for hours to find a hospital with surgeons that weren’t already busy with operations. I almost thought about flying home with the open pinky to get seen to quicker. In the end we found a good hospital that kept me for the night and operated for 3 hours whilst i was awake. Two pins in the pinky and everything stitched back into place. Pins are out in 3 weeks then its back to it! Shit happens!– Nick Lomax






Disclaimer: do not puke.


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