Nitro World Games: Scooter & Inline Teaser

You won’t get to see much blading in this short video teaser, but the Nitro World Games are happening indeed, and they have now announced the format for the upcoming blading contest! The 5 contestants (still unannounced, but whom Nitro claims to be “the world’s top 5 athletes“) will get 3 attempts to land their 2 biggest tricks, which will then be rated on a scale of 10 each. Interesting much? Watch the teaser, and stay tuned for more info!

Action sports is about progression, pushing the envelope to go bigger, faster and farther than ever before.When it comes to competition, I expect to see the best of the best going head to head, attempting tricks no one has ever seen before. With the Nitro World Games, we wanted to create an event that raised the bar and took action sports to the next level.– Travis Pastrana

Visit the Nitro World Games site here:
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