Nils Jansons on crutches

Two days ago Nils Jansons was invited to a Latvian TV Show to speak about the “Nils Jansons Invitational”. Sounds good for a start, but unfortunately he walked into the studio on crutches. We contacted him immediately to hear more about what happened and when he will be back on skates again.


Photos: Mama Jansons

I was shooting for my REMZ skates promo edit. We went to this crazy good gap and after a few try’s I almost landed it. Unfortunately a security guy shows up and tells us we need to get the fuck out of there. Bad vibes, but I wanted to get it, so I went for one last try.
Everything was feeling good until the landing when I don’t know what happened but I landed with one leg straight and it bended the wrong way. But I knew for sure it’s all good and we got out of there asap.

Now I’ve been icing my knee for past two days. Going to see the doc and work on my knee to get back quickly. Gonna be good and can’t wait to get back on my feet stronger. Too bad I might miss the Sweden Open Championships because of this, but everything happens for the good. So once I’m back on the feet I’ll be hitting competitions and filming for new projects.

– Nils Jansons

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Photo: Kato Mateu
Photo: Kato Mateu

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