New Orleans Swim: Now Available on VOD

Andrew Waddle and the whole crew down in Louisiana have spent the better part of the past three years filming their New Orleans Swim video project, and it is now available online for all of you to give a watch! Featuring the local gang and the always stylish Cody Porche, this should be a fun watch, so check out the trailer below and download the full thing if you please, as the proceeds will help organize the upcoming Bayou Bash contest!

From the state that is shaped like a boot and the city that’s below sea level comes a video with a “gumbo” mix of skaters. Our film exclusively features skating in a city brimming with culture and charm; New Orleans. The party starts on Bourbon street but it doesn’t end there. Watch as we cruise through the historic streets of the crescent city in New Orleans Swim.

Download the full New Orleans Swim video here:

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