You’re very welcome to the new BE-MAG website. What launched back in 1997 as a humble newsletter is now taking it’s next big step. We listened to all the feedback, from contributors and readers, and we’ve re-built the entire site from scratch. We teamed up with some of the most talented people in blading to make this relaunch happen. This, as always, showed us how strong blading is and how the community comes together to make great things happen.

We didn’t only change things from a visual aspect (completely new design built from scratch), a technical aspect (the page loads faster, it’s responsive so you can check it out easily on tablets and smartphones, has a simplified navigation and has a bunch of other additional features), but we also focused heavily on the content side of things.

For the content we basically went back into the past of Be-Mag and re-categorized content so you can more easily find what you are searching for. This is important as we’ve a large back catalogue of great content. We also reached out to the staff from to work together with them in future. What you now see is the combined work of and who will now operate under the roof of Be-Mag.

We do believe that we need to join forces and that we need to bring together the most inspiring people and dedicated bladers from all around the world and show you this excitement on the page. Too often you hear too negative things, but we are now pushing into a clear direction. Show blading in the most exciting way, find the people that influence skating and showcase the bladers that matter.

We feel it’s now more important than ever to make a clear statement, to show that things are changing.

Enjoy the ride and please leave your feedback. Over the next weeks and months you’ll see this project unfold and expand. We’ve tons of fantastic content we’ve been sitting on, and in the works. It’s time to get optimistic about blading again.

Now go out and shred!

The Be-Mag editorial staff.

Oh and: We are currently transferring the Message Board and we should have it up and running again on Monday. The logins should work by than as well.