Mike Johnson: New York State Of Mind Interview

A legend of the sport, former Razors pro Mike Johnson is one of the best bladers to ever come out of NYC, so it was only a matter of time until our friends over at New York state Of Mind caught up with for a full interview! Murda discusses fatherhood, how growing up in the Bronx, and then traveling around the world have both shaped him as a person, and the story behind the creation of the Murda blocks & Jug‘ company: read the full thing below!

“Mike Johnson revolutionized the sport in many ways, from style ,to innovating products, to owning a successful blader owned company within the rollerblading industry. Mike’s accomplishments has given the people who make up the skate scene in New York, including children from many diverse neighborhoods, inspiration that you could become someone in this world, and that one person can make a difference.– NYSOM

Read Murda’s full interview: nysomind.com/#!NYSOM-Presents-Mike-Murda-Johnson
Visit the New York State Of Mind website here: nysomind.com


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