#MCRVIDEO 1: First Teaser by Alex Burston

Razors pro Alex Burston and the rest of the Manchester crew have been putting some work on the blades, capturing the moves of the elite Mancunian bladers for the upcoming #MCRVIDEO! They just released a first teaser for the flick, which features Alex himself along with Scott Hallows, Sam Garland and more noticeably Matty Vella, all destroying one of their small local skateparks: watch it, enjoy it, and stay tuned for more!

We (the Manchester bladers) are in the making of what will be the first ever Manchester produced blading film. Filmed on the TRV900, the MCR VIDEO is going to be rugged and raw.
We will be posting small edits like this to promote the MCR VIDEO in the up and coming months before the release of the film. Here is first of many to come. Welcome to Platt fields skatepark.

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