Be-Mag loves user submissions. Not because it requires less work for us lazy mofo’s in European nanny states, but because it allows us to connect with rollerbladers whom we might never meet or hear of in real life. That’s why we’re thankful to have people like Elliot Feltner, who cares about rollerblading enough to have a video he made spread through Be-Mag, the globally most visited and read rollerblading media. That’s also why we’re going to let people see his friends skate, the thing he asked us to do in his e-mail.

And he’s got a long list of friends, you just might have heard about some of them: Chad Anthony, Ryan Benner, Aaron Pyle, Tri Tri Rudolf, Steven Tat, Ben Poling, Matt Lyon, Reed Huston, Zachary Cummins, Brad Anthony, Luke Rappa, Andrew Thompson, Brandon Ballog, Matt Morin, Josh Broughton, Sam Hehman, Kyle Berlier, Troy Cramer, Scott Hatton, Alex Papalios, and Mitch Hoff.

Shot in Cincinnati, Chattanooga, Louisville, Lexington, Nashville, Chicago and Dayton.

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