The Jumbo crew are on quite the hot-streak lately and the heatwave just continues with the newest full profile from the man himself, Mr. Caleb Benavides! Hailing from the small town of Seguin Texas, Caleb has been killing it for many, many years, filming with the Candy and Jumbo crews regularly.

Now that the stars have aligned and the PBR drinking pirate has his very own profile all to himself, he doesn’t waste the opportunity and shows why he is an ambassador for unique and raw street skating; or as he calls it “trash skating”. This is what Caleb had to say about his particular love for raw, street skating.

I like skating trash because it’s real. It’s perfect for me, it’s what I grew up skating. I didn’t have the luxury of having a skatepark growing up as a kid. I had only trash to skate in. I only had alley-ways and fucking ditches and shit to skate in. And ditches were my half-pipes and that was my skatepark as a kid.

Peep Caleb’s entertaining new profile and show him some love! Maybe next time you see him in person, be sure to buy him a cold brew or two for all his blood and sweat that it took to make this hard-hitting but also genuine profile with tons of personality. We look forward to seeing more from him and the Jumbo crew soon!

Filmed and edited by Cody Sanders