The time has finally arrived! After years of hard work and dedication, one of blading’s most innovative skaters has been awarded the prestigious title of professional! Of course I am talking about none other than Mr. Joey Lunger! Joey has worked his way to the top from the ranks of flow sponsorship to amateur and and now FINALLY pro status. This move is well deserved and in our opinion long overdue, but nonetheless, it is here and it looks like one of the west coast’s best will soon be adorned with his own pro wheel from the UC wheels brand.

So to kick start his new placement on the team Joey put together this incredible promo video with the filming assistance of the homies Dennis Lopez, Jeremy Soderburg and Jordan Williams and editing by Jeremy Soderberg and Taylor Kobryn. Now that is one hell of a combination right there! So stop what you are doing and sit back and enjoy this mind-blowing new profile from Joey and be sure to copp that new pro wheel when they drop soon.