James Short Memorial Session 2014

In 2009 James Short a friend of mine and many many others was hit and killed by a drunk driver. This was a terrible thing for a lot to hear because James was a great human and really nice guy so it was sad to know he was gone. It took major strength from his friends and family to carry on the name James Short in his honor. This was the 5th annual JSMS and I have to say it tends to get better and better each year. The people and the atmosphere are very welcoming and friendly. It truly is a honor for me to have been able to attend and document at every Memorial Session they have held for James. Thanks to all the sponsors, vendors & volunteers at the JSMS because you all help make it work and its greatly appreciated. Thanks to Mr. Mrs Short for holding such a fun event for all of our friends from all around to get together and blade, hang out, laugh, reconnect with old friends and mostly just be in one anothers company. James would be so stoked to know there was a big get together in Ohio of all the bladers who come out to show love and support in such a positive way. James Short may be gone but will not be forgotten.

Featured- Stefan Brandow, Ben Schwab, Travis Rhodes, Chris Farmer, Jimmy Spetz, Luke Naylor, Shane Conn, Justin Thursday, Mike McAllis, Jimmy Hake, Craig Parsons, Matt Lyon, Ryan Grau, Mikey Blaire – Hawke Trackler