History Bits: “It’s All Good” Documentary Online

Released back in 1999, “It’s All Good” covers the early days of competitive skating, and the rise of an industry led by the highly successful & influential Senate company. The full-length documentary focuses on the rivalry with east coast competitor FR, and how both teams prepare for the 1997 ASA finals where legendary bladers like Kevin Gillan, Dustin Latimer, Louie Zamora and super stylish Gil Vasquez eventually turned pro. Listen to the story, in the words of Arlo Eisenberg, Chris Edwards, Ryan Jacklone or FR manager Nick Hartman, and get yourself a solid piece of history!

This 90 minute documentary feature film follows two of the greatest roller blading teams – with the best of teenage boys skater stars. They compete against each other in the ASA Championships in Florida. Go behind the scenes to find out about how pro skaters like Arlo Eisenberg, Chris Edwards, Brooke Howard-Smith, and Louie Zamora really feel about skating and how they survive the Sport.– IMDB


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