Hazen Bell is a powerhouse street blader from Utah, and has just released a very inspiring section for Oysi frames, filmed in Salt Lake City area by Tad Tregeagle with support from Nick Swan and Geoff Phillip on a Panasonic VX camera. Here’s the background on the project, coming from Oysi’s Cletus Kuhn: Hazen received a pair of Oysi Chassis after securing third place during the 2017 Mile High Battle in Denver Colorado. For the last year he’s been enjoying the chassis and putting in some good work. This year he received a well earned first place at Mile High Battle 2018.

Displaying a well established combination of technical skill and seemingly delicate brute force he’s produced some excellent sections as part of Geoff Phillip’s Secret Project and SLCVDX, Alex Bass’s Banditos and Pass the Salt, Manual Rodriguez’s This is Livin’, and Erik Bill’s Snake River Special III.

( We also have a great memory of him from many many many years ago ( circa 2005 ) launching a disaster shuffle to kind grind from a small kicker to a huge dock rail during the Mile High Battle. )