Haffey, Wellsmore, Abrate and the Yasutoko brothers in Korea

A bunch of our greatest park riders are currently in South Korea for the KXF Games. Chris Haffey, CJ Wellsmore, Roman Abrate and the Yasutoko brothers are just a few names. We will keep you updated about the results and until than you should check out their Instagram accounts to get an idea of the good times these guys are having over there.

Photo: CJ Wellsmore
Photo: CJ Wellsmore

Chris Haffey: instagram.com/chrishaffey
CJ Wellsmore: instagram.com/cjwellsmore
Roman Abrate: instagram.com/romanabrate
Eito Yasutoko: instagram.com/eitoyasutoko
Takeshi Yasutoko: instagram.com/takeshi_yasutoko