The stories about the Florida humidity must be true, as the filming in George Holmquist’s new section seems to capture it perfectly. Rollerblading in such conditions is an effort by itself, we imagine. Set to a dreamy tone, in his section brought to you by the SoFlo collective, we get to revisit some of the better known Florida spots, made famous by bladers like Franky Morales or Joey Chase, and George skates them with without flaw.

Georgw wrote: “Skating has always been my passion and has shaped the person I am today. It’s what has allowed me to do some amazing things over the years. My friendships, relationships, and even business ventures all are a direct result of skating. The past three years have been tough to skate as much as I’d liked to because of my Career and Newly found passion for Jetski racing. However, I still managed to go out when I could and do what I love. Skating has taken me to many different countries around the world and countless other places throughout the US. I hope you enjoy”.

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