FISE 2015: Slopestyle Full Results

The FISE isn’t over yet, but yesterday was blading’s big day as the semi and pro finals took place in front of a massive crowd while being broadcasted live on TV all around the globe! If you didn’t get to watch the event’s livestream here on Be-Mag, French newcomer Nicolas Servy took first place in the pro contest, with a very short lead on Joe Atkinson, fresh off his victory on the park invitational. After two missed runs, Dave Lang went all out on his very last attempt and got himself third place, as well as a plane ticket to China! Read the full results here:

1st place: Nicolas Servy (FR)
2nd place: Joe Atkinson (UK)
3rd place: Dave Lang (US)

1st place: Julien Lemoine (FR)
2nd place: Gregory Breger (FR)
3rd place: Charlie Ruckly (FR)

1st place: Lisa Marie Authie (FR)
2nd place: Jenciane Daries (FR)
3rd place: Mathilde Monneron (FR)

1st place: Malcolm Touré (FR)
2nd place: Chems Borrhomé (FR)
3rd place: Tom Lanfranchi (FR)


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